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Whoa! Our first post!

Who we are and what we do:

Wormhole is a newborn collective, the result of a group of highly skilled artists who produce work, either collaboratively or as individuals, with a shared fascination for striking themes.

Science, based on the theory of general relativity, explains that a Wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time, which creates shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes may not only connect two separate regions within the universe, they could also connect two different universes.

Similarly, Wormhole Collective is a connection between widely separated artists from different backgrounds and multiple domains, such as drawing, sculpting, and writing, filmmaking, music composition and photography.

Wormhole Collective aims to create opportunities for its artists to collaborate, share thoughts, and connect with a wider audience. Ultimately, establishing a community where these artists can thrive.

Wormhole Collective was founded by Boo, a Beirut-based artist. It started with a project featuring film director Samir Syriani and music composer Mme. Chandelier along with other Lebanese artists, gradually growing to hold different artists from around the globe. Wormhole Collective’s first group exhibition was held in 2013 at Artlab in Beirut, under the title “Undressed – Society’s reflection in its brands”. After the exhibit, it produced its first short film “Contact” by Samir Syriani, and its first book/soundtrack “In the dead of night – Bedtime stories for grownups” by Boo.

Wormhole Collective is thrilled to share its artists’ work, hoping that this journey through the Wormhole brings you spur and inspiration!

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